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Saudi Chemical Holding Company

Saudi Chemical Company Holding is an Investment Company , with more than four decades of success in Trading and Manufacturing with a capital of SAR 843.2 million Saudi Riyals.  The companies owns a group of five companies.

Saudi Chemical Company limited is the leading manufacturer of Civil and Military explosives. The company has three factories in Riyadh, Jeddah and the Northern Borders Area in addition to several distribution sites spread throughout different parts in the Kingdom in order to supply local and international markets with civil and military explosives and services.

Saudi Chemical Company continued to expand strategically and increase financial growth. Following vertical growth strategies to secure its supplies of raw material, the company established Suez International Nitrate Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Suez International Nitrate Company produces Ammonium Nitrates with a production capacity of 85,000 metric tons per year.

The company continues its ambition to implement its strategic objectives in diversifying its investments and services.  Therefore, Saudi Chemical Company acquired and established several companies specialized in the distribution and manufacture of medicine, pharmaceutical products, medical materials and equipment:

  • Saudi International Trading Company (Sitco Pharma) is focused on the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Saudi Arabia and is one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the Kingdom. The company provides a large part of the global pharmaceutical needs of all health sectors in the Kingdom through a distribution network spread across all regions. Is one of the largest national distributors of chilled vaccines and medicines (e.g. insulin and hormone), which requires special conditions in transportation and storage.


  • ​ AJA Pharma is a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical products in Saudi Arabia and GCC in accordance with the latest manufacturing practices through cooperation with the world's leading partners in the field of medicine manufacturing.

  • Chemical Commercial Investment Company Ltd.,(CCCI)'s activities include wholesale and retail trade of medicines, medical materials and medical equipment.

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